Who would I hire?

When I think about a person I would hire a lot of stuff hits my brain. What’s funny about this type of exercise is that it causes me to ask, “Do I have those attributes?” Bringing a person into a team requires a lot of work to check on their background; what are you like as a person?, what does success look like to them?, how do they handle adversity?, are they here for a paycheck or to make a difference?

Those are questions I am asking myself right now…

  1. What am I like as a person?
    1. I’m a good person. I actually, really like people. Humans are wonderful. My family is always my number one priority. I try to focus on being hopeful – it sure as heck beats despair.
  2. What does success look like to me?
    1. Success looks like a smile. Trying my best. Coming home with a good story. Success looks like going to bed satisfied with my efforts and waking up happy, excited to try again. Success means winning, even if it takes a number of losses to finally overcome.
  3. How do I handle adversity?
    1. The honest answer is that adversity makes me want to quit. The other side of that coin is that I seldom quit. Adversity is a bummer, but adversity is also an opportunity. The rubber meets the road when adversity propels us toward a creative, and otherwise unknown, solution to the barrier we face.
  4. Am I here for a paycheck or to make a difference?
    1. Can the answer be both? A worker is worth his wage only so much as he sees his labor as making a difference. It is such a bummer that so many people work jobs that don’t give them life, that don’t make them come alive. Working for a paycheck is depressing. When you get to make a difference in the world or in an individual’s life, it gives validity to the paycheck. The paycheck is an affirmation of the work done in satisfaction for the effort put forth.

Those are a few questions that roll around in my head about what I would ask if I were looking to hire someone. There is a lot about competency that can be fixed through training or a little extra grind. There is a lot about character that can be fixed through time and focus. There is a lot about chemistry within a team that can be fixed through team exercises or thoughtful reflection.

Mostly, I want to be the type of teammate that people see as an asset, a resource.

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