Untangled // Michele Pillar


Untangled by Michele Pillar is a non-fiction novel about her life journey from faithless to faithful. She documents her struggle, which started from childhood, to find love by looking in all the wrong places until she firmly set Jesus the Christ in that throne. Pillar has been a part of the Christian music industry for years and hopes to inspire readers to find the unconditional love of God through her testimony.

Having been a follower of Jesus from a young age, I can see why Michele wrote this book. There is something beautiful about writing out your story and being able to share with the world that faith can change people. My pastor this week said something profound regarding this change. He said, “God wants to take our mess and make it a message!” That’s the truth Pillar is exclaiming in this book. God is jealous for us and will take our filthy, dirty, messy lives and give us a clean, beautiful, lovely message. Having been on a similar faith journey where I have stumbled in my walk with God it is reassuring to know that others have struggled in their ongoing walk after God’s Son.

I feel as if there is something Michele Pillar is still trying to prove to people by writing this book. It’s as if she needs to expose all her dirty laundry for the Christian community. She doesn’t blame shift in the book, but I feel as if there was still healing going on during the writing of this book. I personally believe that we don’t need to put every piece of laundry on the line for people to see air dry. I’ve grown to understand that some stories we have aren’t meant to be shared, but are secret between us and God. That God wants us to keep these mysteries to ourselves because others won’t understand and their doubt might diminish the mystery for us. I am not sure that our testimony should be published for sale either. If Pillar is going to donate her profits to help women who suffer as she has then you go girl! But if it’s for personal gain then I’m not sure this book has the right motive behind it.

I’m not a hater. I just feel as if this book is a little bit more tangled than not.

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