The “What” of Small Groups

The days are ticking down to the Small Group “Push” at church and so I am going to continue encouraging you to join a small group with another post. The last blog was about the “Why” of small group. Quickly: the “Why” is because God’s essence, Jesus’ ministry, and the first church’s structure are incredible examples of the importance of community life. For the modern believer that looks a lot like what small groups have to offer. Here is a little of “What” comes with a healthy small group.

1. Friendship

It’s easy to slide in and out of your seat on Sundays. It’s a little more tricky to remain anonymous when it’s a handful of people in a living room or coffee-house. That’s what small group does. It breaks down the barriers of “lone-wolf” Christianity. You’ll come to love, and maybe even enjoy, being around people you never imagined. They will be old, young, from differing races, with varying socio-economic lives, and possibly alternative life-styles. One thing you won’t find within a small group is a place to hide. What you will find is a room full of people excited to share life with you!

2. Honesty and Authenticity

Being yourself can be hard. What will people think of the REAL you? The nerdy you? The loud mouth you? The under-educated you? These are things about myself that I could mask from people for fear of what they might think. However, small group is the safest place for me to be honest and authentic about myself and God. These friends don’t judge or tread on me, but will invite the real slim shady to please stand up (sorry, for that poor white rap joke). I get to share my dreams, fears, joys, and sorrows with friends who care about what I’m going through. I have questions about God and what it means to love him. Maybe you do too. Small group is the place to be real about yourself and Him.

3. Security and Intimacy

There are some things that go beyond being honest and authentic. The deepest level of relationship in small group requires security and intimacy. The ageless saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is the creed of a healthy small group. Gossips and busy-bodies can stay home and eat bonbons ¬†This means that prayer time necessitates confidentiality. Which includes dropping the “prayer-chain” ministry of gossiping about church member sins. Inside every healthy small group are people who have shared the intimate portions of their lives and know this information is secure with the group like Ft. Knox.

We all long for friendship, being authentic, and the security that comes with intimate relationships. So join a small group/community group/life group/accountability group and keep growing in knowledge and love for Jesus and one another!

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