The Hunger Games // Suzanne Collins

Ha! My wedding band is like the cover!

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is a young adult novel about the dark future of post-war America. The story is written from the perspective of Katniss Everdeen; a 16 year old girl struggling to survive with her mother and sister in one of twelve districts controlled by a dictating President Snow from the Capitol. The Capitol holds an annual Hunger Games to maintain fear control over the districts. The Capitol randomly selects one male and one female from each district to fight to the death on televised screens around the country. This years Hunger Games tell the story of Katniss and a district 12 boy, Peeta Mallark, who fight against all odds including the Capitol to become the winner of the Hunger Games.

I tend to focus my reading time on Spirituality or Faith Based work, but after a long streak I enjoyed the quick read that THG provided. Collins does a great job walking through every thought and detailing every situation that Katniss experiences. It may be a teen novel, but the perspective of Katniss was very mature. Don’t get me wrong, her immaturity was displayed repetitively. But time and time again the character was one I found myself routing for and defending when she fell short.

Collins does a good job showing that the districts are in near concentration camp situations. The Capitol controls the food and forces each district to provide a certain resource. Katniss’ district 12 provides the Capitol with coal.¬†At first I thought the story would ramble on and on about the dire situation in the districts. But the plot quickens and made this average male (i.e. enjoys explosions and war in movies and books) turn the “pages” (read on kindle) like it books were going out of style (they are, thanks to e-readers).

Two thumbs up. You’ll probably find the books better than the movie, however, it is fun to see faces and places on screen; so go check that movie out.

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