Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge

Thanksgiving is coming. And while our family has been eating a plant-based diet for the better part of two months I cannot wait to tear into chunk of gravy drenched white turkey meat! Before we even get to Turkey-Day let’s have an adventure. Ready?

Let’s have a “Gratitude Challenge!” With just seven days until we stuff our faces with food and eyeballs with football and parades now is a great time to prepare our hearts by being thankful. Part of this challenge is for me to learn about contentment. Gratefulness forces us to be satisfied with what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t.

It find it incredibly ironic that the day after Thanksgiving we go out in all hours of the night looking for a “good deal.” Here’s some great math for you: You save 100% of what you don’t spend. Incredible, right!?! With “Black Friday” seeming like a consumer national holiday that is less of a day and more like week of “deals,” this challenge comes at the right time for us to center our focus on what we are grateful for.

So this week, join me in expressing thankfulness for what you have. There will be a daily activity, response and reflection on things you are grateful for. Each day’s blog-post will provide a new opportunity to be grateful and begin to see our possessions, friendships, community and even our HATERS as something to be thankful for.

The Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge begins tomorrow!

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