“Thank You” is a Life-Style

1 Thess 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

Today marks the beginning of a new season for me.

Today I ended my conversation with “Thank you” to the VP who hired me three years ago. I am thankful for the opportunity to have traveled, built relationships, and grown as a professional within that business. It was a great experience progressing from a self-employed contractor to full-time employee.

There  is a difference between saying thank you and living thankfully. “Thank you” is a phrase that can be tossed around like “I love…” insert favorite food or Pop-Culture reference, while living thankfully is an attitude that is fostered through constant heart monitoring.

It is not difficult to spot the difference between people who are grateful and those who are not. The next time you are inside a restaurant or shopping center notice the way customers treat employees and the way the employees react to customers. Watch the way children speak to their parents or how parents respond to children’s behavior. Pay close attention to the commercials, movies, television shows, music, twitter updates, facebook posts to see if you can spot the difference between those whose life-style promotes thankfulness and those who do not.

If I am to give thanks in all circumstances as Paul promotes then I must do it in the seasons of sorrow and joy. All circumstances means all circumstances, anything less would diminish the purpose of the command. The way we stay thankful through all circumstances is through Jesus.

Today I was released from my job. After receiving the news I said, “Thank you.” There were several things I was sure to include as to why I was thankful for the opportunities presented to me over the last five years, but mostly I said “Thank you” because it is the life-style I have implemented. It is through Jesus that I can give thanks.

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