Start by Jon Acuff

What should the author of a book titled Quitter name his follow up title? Start: Punch Fear in the Face. Escape Average. Do Work That Matters. Jon Acuff, author of the ever-popular follows up on his Wall Street Best Seller with another major work aiming to help dreamers begin their journey to awesome.

I have found in my limited exposure to “motivational” speakers that there tends to be two prevailing approaches. Overly cheesy or incredibly intense.

Exhibit A: Joel Osteen

He’s not a pastor. He’s a motivational talker about Jesus.

Anyone who has been graced by the sight of the pearly white gates of heaven that lie within Osteen’s smile knows that he exudes cheesy like cheez-whiz! Any time I see him on T.V. I grab a box of ritz and hope Wonka Vision is real and that the cheese just pours out of the screen onto my crackers.

There is a much darker, and ultimately worse “motivational” speaker…

See Exhibit B:

I’ve had nightmares of running from Jillian (in a T-Rex body) Jurassic Park style.

If Joel Osteen is the cheese then Jillian Michaels is the horror movie of motivation. There is no way I would ever attend anything of hers for fear that I would cry. I’m a softy. Yelling scares me. Props to “The Biggest Loser” folks for enduring her. She’s a monster.

Enter Mr. Jon Acuff, the easy medium of cheese and The Nightmare on Elm St.


Acuff encourages all who struggle with being average to take the road to awesome by walking through the five stages of awesome.

  1. Learning
  2. Editing
  3. Mastering
  4. Harvesting
  5. Guiding

Instead of re-telling you exactly what Acuff says in his book, I’d ask you to go buy the book or borrow the book from the library. Enjoy the story of a guy who I think is awesome and has walked through these five stages.

Jordan Mederich is awesome. This is not because he’s my brother. I would say he’s lame if his awesome-ness wasn’t so apparent. Let me tell you why and how.

He got to “Guide” a media school in Miami! How cool is that!

Jordan moved to Branson, Missouri back in 2008 with my wife and I. He went down in hopes of attending College of the Ozarks. Before he was accepted he worked at The Disney Store. I think he saw “average” staring right back at him when he decided to pick up a camera and start filming. His first film wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. (Here’s his Youtube page).

Week after week he was filming, editing, refilming, doing audio takes and buying new gear to fuel his growing hobby. Within just a few years he went from Learning to Editing to Mastering! It wasn’t long before his videos were good. And not just “oh that’s good, Jordo, we will watch it at the family reunion this Summer!” They were, “Jordan just won $5,000 for filming an ad” or “Jordan was selected to film a video for 3M and they’re paying him!” His hard work on the road to awesome had brought him to the land of Harvesting! While attending College of the Ozarks he had opportunities to teach class, and would often say to me, “Class is such a breeze! I’ve taught myself all these things already so I get to help others learn.” Within three years Jordan had traveled the entire road of awesome from Learning to Guiding.

In my mind the land of Harvesting is going far enough. But each year you have to sow again and again. Once Jordan’s filming career had taken off, settling wasn’t an option. He took on the internet. Here are a few of his projects that you can checkout. Feel free to share them, because as you’ve already learned. He does AWESOME stuff!

  1. (a one stop shop for helping grow your brand)
  2. (Where you can get media for your church. Low prices, high creativity. He’s awesome, he doesn’t make average.)
  3. (Software you can own or rent monthly to create your own church media! He made the software!)

I don’t need to inflate his ego. My love language is not “Words of Affirmation,” as my wife can attest to, so this is not some fake way to help market his brand. I genuinely believe that he has traveled awesome WAY before Jon Acuff wrote it out so clearly.

If you have become sick of feeling average nag at you grab this book. Flip the switch to awesome and never turn back!

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