Sons & Daughters // Book Review


Sons & Daughters: Spiritual Orphans Finding Our Way Home is a collection of stories by New Life Pastor Brady Boyd which calls the reader to receive and pursue the grace-full life only our Father God can provide using his own life experiences, parables, and scriptures to help describe the journey into the heart of grace.

Much like Bob Goff’s Love Does or Oswald Chambers’ My Upmost For His Highest, Boyd’s Sons and Daughters is an excellent daily inspirational book. I found as I powered through the book, like one might through a novel, that there was too much good meditational material to simply choke down multiple chapters in one reading. The earnest tone Boyd writes from allowed me to respond more vulnerably and hear the voice of God through him.

Being a new father I enjoyed his stories of being a father to two adopted children. Although my daughter is my own I do feel as if I have adopted her from God. I know I have a responsibility to show her, first, how to be a daughter of the King. I also have to acknowledge that I will need to be a son to the King first then father to her. I was encouraged multiple times when Boyd brought his own shortcomings up so that I could relate and also learn how to better parent.

The journey toward God is on a road called Grace. It is balanced by law and love. Faltering to an unhealthy side of either will lead us away from our destination. However, the voice of the Father is always near calling us to return to the road paved by Christ’s work on the cross.

I highly recommend you grab this book and add it to your daily time with God. It is an excellent companion book that will certainly guide you closer to sonship and deeper into the family God has called us to.

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