Quitter // Jon Acuff

quitterQuitter, by Jon Acuff, aims to direct every discontented dreamer from day job to present reality dream job. Telling his own day job to dream job story, where he had quit jobs annually and progressed by achieving his own life’s dream job working for Dave Ramsey; Acuff encourages us take one foot and put it in front of the other as we chase our own dream job while working our day job.

Acuff has calmed the torrent of sorrow in my soul caused by my day job. I now know it’s only a matter of time before the gap between my day and dream job closes! Surprisingly enough there is little ground breaking information in this book. It’s about the basics.

It starts with…

1. Discipline which begets discipline
2. Discover what YOUR dream is
3. See your dream as the green side of the fence
4. If your schedule says “X at 7a.m.” you DO IT!
5. Day job is advocate for dream job, not adversary.
6. Find the parallels in your day job to motivate your dream job
7. Do your time in Nebraska corn in order to be ready for New York lights.
8. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Measure your success by “HUSTLE.”
9. And finally: Quit your day job and blow up your dream job!

I think a majority of us are working a day job. We work; it pays the bills. It takes us on vacation, keeps food on the table, and keeps the water running.  It is not what makes our heart flutter with excitement. Jon Acuff really pinpoints where we might fall short in our attempts to start the dream job. I found that his writing was entertaining but also deep enough to cause me to sit and digest some chapters.

Grab a copy and get after that dream!

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