Psalm 1 – Version 2

Justin, you’ll be blessed


you don’t walk in evil, but walk in the light
you don’t posture like a fool, but humble yourself
you don’t make your bed with sinners, but pitch your tent among the upright

if you set your heart, soul, mind, strength, will and desires upon God’s word, Jesus

you will be rooted near living, endless, fulfilling streams of water
you will be a tree that bears fruit as you were purposed to
you will be animated, vibrant

life will spill out of you

If you choose to be marred, broken, detestable

you will be as valuable as moldy bread
you will be as desirable as rotted wood
you will be as helpful as cracked foundation

You may choose to be blown away like chaff from wheat at the threshers blade

The creator is watching over you, He sees, He knows

He oversees the path we choose; to life or death

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