Psalm 1: Community Version

Want to see a blessed community?

they hold each other up to the highest standard
they are honest, authentic, and accountable
to be an insider – you have to drop the outsider lifestyle – behave like you belong

This gathering of people take joy in the upright life

messages, calls, letters by mail and knocks on doors are full of reverberations of the greatness of God’s love for this community – they share this love vocally / tangibly

When you’re with these people it’s like being in an orchard at harvest – except harvest season is ALWAYS!

Taste their fruit! Enjoy their shade! Everywhere you look life is springing up!

You’ve seen other groups, and maybe been a member of them – where there is no joy, no hope, no loving embraces or fond exclamations

Those groups come and go because they’re not rooted in self-sacrifice and generosity. They call themselves community but scatter when life gets hard, when the dice don’t roll their way.

Look, watch, see

These two groups are around

Which one do you call family?

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