Prayer Circles

This summer I joined the New Beginnings Fellowship staff by serving as an intern under Pastor Dennis Webb. I have focused my time there working on a strategy to create a greater culture of community through small groups. While I do not want to give away all the fun things that are coming up, I can let you know that I am very excited about what we as a church will be doing this fall!

Dennis gave me a book called “Prayer Circles” by Mark Batterson of National Community Church in Washington D.C. The premise of the book is based on the legend of Honi, a Hebrew prophet of sorts, whose bold statement of faith and prayer brought a deluge of rain to the drought plagued land of Israel. This book has been a great challenge to me to pray big, bold, audacious prayers.

I feel that as I’ve grown up I’ve lost some of my faith in miracles. Sure they happen in Africa, Asia, and everywhere else besides where I am. I was reminded this week that there was a man who said to Jesus, “Help me if you can.” Jesus replied, “If I can? Everything is possible for him who believes!” So the man begged for Jesus to help him with his doubt. This story comes from Mark 9.

Putting these two stories together, I have been praying circles over a lot of things in my life. Over our daughter’s future husband, our hopes to move to Minnesota, my desire to serve in the capacity of Pastor at a church some day, and a few other personal things. Thursday night we prayed that God would answer our prayer for me to get a job the next day. We had been praying for sometime, but had never asked for a deadline. When Honi prayed for the rain he first created a circle around himself and declared to the crowd around him and God in heaven, that he would not leave the circle until God had brought rain.

There is certainly some absurdity giving God a deadline. After weeks of praying for a job, however, I felt like it wasn’t the worst thing to ask for. Sure enough, God came through when I asked him to. Will I be giving God a deadline every time I have a request? Not by a long shot. I will however continue to pray circles around things that make God move.

I got a call Friday and was offered a job. Thank you, Jesus. I love serving a God who hears my prayers.

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