Passion // Louie Giglio

The Passion conference series has been an enigmatically unique Christian subculture movement. Enigmatic because it is an undeniably strong gathering of worship and teaching. Unique subculture because you have to be 18-25 to attend (though the worship leaders, and leadership, could be parents of these kids. Seriously, Chris Tomlin has to be like 48 now, right?).

From years of teaching and leading and prayer and worship Louie Giglio has compiled a book of messages from Passion Conference speakers. Beth Moore, Judah Smith, Francis Chan and John Piper are featured and have been prominent advocates of the Passion movement.

I browsed several of the messages, and thoroughly read two of the fifteen chapters. The book is excellent in that reading it is like being at a conference being encouraged and commissioned to serve Jesus by phenomenal servants of Jesus, and it is poor in that I would rather hear more about starting a local Passion movement. Going onto you can listen to the music that is performed during the three-day conferences.

I’ve always enjoyed the worship music that comes out of the conference and have used it to lead my local church. The teaching within the book is solid and demonstrative of the way we should pursue Christ above all.

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