Noah the Movie

The trailer for the upcoming film Noah has been released.

While in this two and half minute trailer we see a few artistic liberties taken aside from the original biblical story, it looks fantastic!

The cast is stacked. The cinematics are thrilling. There is action, romance, and an opportunity for the bible to be mainstage in the media!

My hope is that people see the movie then grab a bible to see that there is a God that loves the world so much that he eventually sent his own son to die for and redeem the same world he had destroyed by water.

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  1. Bill Brandel says:

    The movie will be truly epic; if not a little on thedark side.
    To learn more about Noah, the Nephilim, Lillith, and The Great Serpent Mound:

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I’m looking forward to the movie at least for it’s entertainment. Certainly not for its theology. Like the book you posted is for entertainment, not for biblical knowledge. Important to know the difference.

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