If John Piper Sang About Suffering…

The doctrine of suffering has certainly been one of contention recently in America.

Can God bring suffering to people? Why would an all-loving, compassionate, slow-to-anger God allow mankind to hurt so deeply? How do we reconcile the God of judgement from the Old Testament with the forgiving Son of God revealed in the New Testament?

At the forefront of this doctrinal conflict is Minneapolis Baptist preacher John Piper.

Moments after a tornado ripped through Moore, OK earlier this year John Piper hit the “Tweet” button quoting two scriptures from Job.

  • @JohnPiper: “Your sons and daughters were eating and a great wind struck the house, and it fell upon them, and they are dead.” Job 1:19
  • @JohnPiper: “Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and fell on the ground and worshiped.” Job 1:20
Moore, OK – Picture abcnew.go.com

His doctrine on suffering is repeatedly attacked online. I, too, have some reservations about his perspective on pain brought by God to his creation.

However, it is obvious that, regardless of how controversial the doctrine of suffering might be, we must continue its dialogue. As the world becomes worse, as suffering grows, as affliction increases we have a choice to make. Our doctrine is not what matters, but our response to our suffering that counts.

I hope you enjoy this song and are encouraged by Shane & Shane whether you are in a season of suffering or rejoicing.

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