How to be a Perfect Parent (or the Paradox of Perfect Parenting)

If you have kids, the endless quest is this: How do I perfectly parent?

I have the answer! (unfortunately it’s a paradox)

You knew before clicking this link that there is no mode or manner, proof or practice to become a perfect parent.

Here’s the steps to getting close.

  1. Acknowledge there is no perfect parent, and that you can’t become one.

It seems too obvious, but maybe we all need a refresher. Parenting is hard and we’re all going to make mistakes. I did this afternoon, and I’ll just go ahead and prophetically forecast a future misstep as a parent later today.

My friend Debbie recently told me, “Accept no praise or blame for your children’s actions.” We all need to try our best, and our best is all that can be asked of us. What comes out of that is out of our control.

Give yourself a break. You’re not going to be a perfect parent, but that leads us to step two!


2. Keep on trying to become the perfect parent.

The race isn’t over until we pass from this life to the next. We will always be parents; in our children’s precious moments and regrettable rebellions. The “try” is the most important part of parenting. Subscribe to a blog on parenting, go get books on how to raise kids and talk to other parents who have kids that are older than yours to get advice on how to navigate life’s difficulties. As Dory tells Marlin, “Keep on swimming, keep on swimming.”

Remember, perfect is a very subjective term. Instead of seeing it as an impossible goal, see it as becoming perfect for your kids. Don’t be perfect for your neighbors kids, or your ideal kids, but for your actual children.

While it is a paradox to become a perfect parent, don’t give up the fight.

I can do it. You can do it.

We can do it!

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