HOLY Discontent // Bill Hybels

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It is November! Which means one of two things…

1. Thanksgiving and all the glory of over-indulging. Whether that be food, shopping, or napping; please be sure to be gluttonous in one of those areas.
2. No-Shave-November! For me this year it is MOvember. The difference is that I don’t attempt to grow a face full of prepubescent glory, but just an upper lip full of homeless 13 year old boy mustache.

The reason for MOvember is to raise awareness of men’s health.  Here are a few facts about Men’s health. Visit http://us.movember.com/mens-health/

If you follow this link, you can find out more and donate to a cause that helps prostate and other male cancer initiatives! – http://mobro.co/mederich

Thanks for taking the time to read my little intro…Now, on to the book!!!

Bill Hybels is quite a guy. I’ve enjoyed reading his books since I attended North Central University in 2004. It was during my most impactful class, Spiritual Formations, that I first read Hybels’ material. It is quite ironic to me that the classed that most deeply impacted me was level 100. A big thank you to Pastor Dan for his teaching during that one hour three times a week, as well as the many hours you poured into me after class over coffee at Dunn Bros.!

HOLY Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision is a quick read that makes large bounds upon the readers soul. Hybels contends that we all have a HOLY discontent that raises up the Popeye response of “That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more!” Whether that be the homeless in your town, the AIDS/HIV epidemic, a lackluster local church, the elderly who are commonly ignored, or even your own marriage which may be starving to death; we all have a HOLY Discontent that we “can’t stands no more!”

Hybels uses many historical, pop-culture, and ‘normal’ people’s HOLY Discontent to show that we all have within us a deep desire to be a part of the solution to the broken world around us. Moses was suppose to be killed at birth, but was raised as a prince in Egypt by God’s providence. It was only after years in a dessert that a burning bush caught Moses’ eye, and rose up his HOLY Discontent to lead Israel out of captivity and towards the promise land. Bono is an example used by Hybels. Bono was a huge rockstar, but through seeing the poverty, disease, and war torn land of Africa; a HOLY Discontent rose up within him. Bono is part of many organizations who work on solving the hurt and pains of a country.

Then there is you and me. We all have something that eats us up on the inside. For me, personally, it is the lack of community that many local churches have. I see in the book of Acts that the people who
decided to live as Jesus commanded were a part of a vibrant organic body who sacrificed for the good of the rest. Today I rarely see followers of Christ following the example laid out by the first churches. My hope is to get rooted in a church that desires authentic community but don’t know how to get there, and be a part of the
solution within the body.

What is your HOLY Discontent? What comes on the news, radio, magazine, or your favorite blog that you “can’t stands no more!”? Hybels does a great job to encourage you to find it, grab it, and do something about
it! A wise person once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Be the change.
My next book will be…Young and In Love // Ted Cunningham

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