Fantasy Life: Matthew Berry // Book Review: It’s a hard knock Fantasy Life!


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You might say, “Listen here, Justin. You don’t tell me what to do or how to spend my money! I don’t even play fantasy sports.”

I might reply, “You haven’t lived fully until you’ve played fantasy sports.”

This book is not just about fantasy sports. It’s about life. It’s about a man and his perilous journey to change the face of the sports world permanently through fantasy. It’s about victory and defeat. It’s about bringing together the most unlikely of people to bond over imaginary teams; celebrating and trash talking for victors, moaning, griping, and girly tattoo’s for the losers. (Click past the break).

Berry weaves a wonderful web of stories that will reach deep into your soul and inspire you to grab your very first fantasy team . As he tells his own tale of climbing from the plains of Hollywood treachery to the mountain top of becoming the Senior Fantasy Analyst at ESPN he shares stories of average Joes that are instantly relate-able. Chapters like “The Top 20 Most Soul-Crushing Ways to Lose” and “No one Seems to Realize That Adrian Peterson Isn’t a Parishioner” will have people staring at you as you laugh out loud from Berry’s great wit and humor.

To my friends who don’t watch Rated-R movies: There are a few portions of the book that are sexual or derogatory. I wouldn’t say this is a Rated-R book, but Berry isn’t trying to offend anyone; he’s simply sharing true stories from fantasy players across the globe.

With that said, I need to go pre-order my own (hard) copy. Fantasy Baseball is mid-season and I am in 4th, just a few games out of first and Fantasy Football is right around the corner! Thanks Mr. Berry for this book, and for sharing all those great fantasy sports moments. I know I’ll be a better player and commissioner because of it.

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