Google Chromecast: Quality Inexpensive Smart Television

Streaming has become a household word. Whether by Xbox, Roku, Smart T.V., or otherwise, having the internet stream through your television set is a must have. In a day where cable and satellite costs are rising the value of having the ability to inexpensively stream your favorite show through Netflix or Hulu+ has never been more important.

Enter stage left: Google Chromecast…

As always, Google is on the forefront of creating practical, affordable, and easy to use products. Thus is born, Chromecast.

For only $35 (That’s right, only $35! They include a 3 month Netflix subscription a $24 value) you get a HDMI dongle with internet capabilities. You must have WiFi in home to use the product. But who are we kidding, if you don’t have WiFi access, you probably aren’t reading this right now.


Google has gone out of it’s way to ensure the UI (User Interface) is as Dummy-Proof as possible.The instructions are simple: “Plug-Install-Play.” You need chrome as your web-browser. Download here.

The product packaging is minimalistic and very delicious to the eyes. There are four pieces of equipment and an instruction manual.

  1. The Chromecast
  2. HDMI extender
  3. USB power cable
  4. AC/DC power adaptor


Simply assemble the Chromecast, place in your HDMI port, and turn on the television. You will be given instructions to follow by computer. I installed the Chomecast app by computer and tablet. It was easier on the tablet then on PC (This is the world we live in). It is also possible to install the device by smartphone. Seriously, this is a super product.

As your PC/Tablet/Smartphone does the installation go pop some corn…it’s movie time! Anything you can pull up on Chrome you can now run on your television. You can also run other Chrome Tabs while watching your current stream. Amazing!!!

IMG_1508My Ultra-Nerd came out and I watched some Star-Craft on youtube.

The only current draw back is the lack of apps available. Only Chrome, Youtube, Netflix, and Google Play are available; but as usual, expect a slew of apps to drop in QUICKLY.


For only $35 you can’t go wrong. With Roku and other options going into the hundreds of dollars, Google has brought the poor man (Read everyone without a smart T.V.) a great product that is easy to use and will bring hours of entertainment on which to share those silly youtube videos! You can buy on Amazon, at your local Best Buy, or on Google Play. Though you will have to wait a few weeks. It’s a hot product.

For more info please check out Engadget’s review. (But they’ll tell you the same I did, in more words and with better photos).

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