Exponential // Dave and Jon Ferguson

Exponential, by brothers Jon and Dave Ferguson, is a manual on how you and I can start a missional church movement. Sharing their stories of small beginnings at local diners writing dreams on napkins to the explosion of small groups into networks of churches in Chicago and the nation (and abroad), Exponential is a wake up call to the church of America. Using the simple and biblical concept of reproduction, Jon and Dave pave the road for future church planters, small group leaders, and Christians who want to follow the mission of Jesus.

This book was amazing and terrible at the same time. How, you might ask, can a book be amazing and terrible at the same time? Well, good sirs and madams! It is incredibly amazing to see how I, a mere man, could accomplish the mission Jesus entrusted to his disciples and everyone of his followers. It is terrible in the sense that I am now responsible for the knowledge I have.

Exponential is based on one simple idea. Reproduce, reproduce, reproduce. Constant reproduction. And after you have reproduced, you reproduce again. It’s really simple. Anything that is alive reproduces. Plants, animals, people…everything that lives reproduces; therefore, it only makes sense that Christianity, a faith based on a living God, reproduces itself.

I am a Christian and I am a wretch. It’s God’s grace that allows me to be a part of the greatest story ever told. As a Christian I am responsible to reproduce, through God’s strength, people who follow Christ who produce people who follow Christ. I, along with most American believers, have not taken seriously the commission of Jesus. After reading Exponential, I know I am responsible. I know I can do it. And as Jon and Dave Ferguson say time and time again, “You can do it!” too!

I am driving to Chicago on Wednesday to attend a conference based on the training of reproduction. I appreciate any and all prayers, encouraging comments, and random supportive Facebook messages regarding my trip. I’ll get to hang with an old friend, Kevin Davis, from my dad’s church plant in Colorado Springs, CO.

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