Book Review // The Bible in Pop Culture: Kevin Harvey

The resurgence of the Bible in mainstream media has garnered the Bible much attention recently. When Hollywood’s blockbuster film ‘Noah’ hit the big screen’s Bible App saw an increase of over 200% of reading of the Ark narrative.  But this is not the first time that the Bible was used as a resource for fueling pop culture. Kevin Harvey uses every flavor of consumable pop culture as a means of understanding how the Bible permeates our society. From super-hero comic strips to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Harvey tastefully shows how Christians can see God’s hand throughout pop culture.

This book is a great tool for young people to read. It is very visually engaging and it’s pop culture reference are very relevant for today’s youth. I enjoyed his writing style and found myself laughing at a few of the sarcastic jabs at conservative Christian’s who denegrate pop-culture and cannot find God in it at all. God is everywhere people!

The book is rather short, with only 9 chapters, but has an enormous back section full of activities that require knowledge in both bible and main stream media. It is a fun, quick read that will help you see that the divine and sacred is everywhere, even when/where we least expect it.

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