Book Review: How to Ruin Your Life by 30 // Steve Farrar

The clock is ticking. T-minus 9 days until I turn 29. And in one fell swoop I will have 365 days until I arrive upon my third decade upon planet Earth. That’s 30 rotations around the sun. That’s 585 million miles times 30. That’s a lot of miles I will have traveled.

Fortunately for me I have a full calendar year to accomplish as much as possible before the clock strikes midnight and I turn into an pumpkin/old man (or at least that’s what I thought of 30 year olds when I was 13). With this in mind I’m preparing my friends and family to submit to me a bucket-list of sorts to complete before I enter into a new phase in life: My 30’s.

Steve Farrar, author of “How to Ruin Your Life by 30,” aims to guide people like me into their 30’s with focus, purpose, and a clear direction. He begins his book with a quote that made me shake in my boots, “30 will be here before you know it.” Blatant honesty laced with grace abound in HTRYLby30.

Farrar lists 9 ways that 20 years-olds can avoid shipwrecking their future. Simple truths about daily wisdom, cause and effect, using your gifting, and if/who to marry are some of the topics he addresses. I am sitting on the precipice of 30 next to my 18 month old who is coloring on front pages of this book. Farrar’s simple yet timely advice will certainly be put into practice by me.

I will mail you this book free of charge if you are under 30 and would like to read this book. There are some markings from me and my daughters crayons. Her notes are better than mine.


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