Book Review: God in Slow Motion // Mike Nappa

The digital age has made nearly everything in the world instantly accessible. No need to drive nearly anywhere. Download the newest book or album. Order your pizza online. You can even attend church online, never having to sit next to another crying child in service again. Yet in the middle of the HERE and NOW is a God outside of time. God in Slow Motion, by Mike Nappa, seeks to show us the God outside of time who takes the time to reach out to us.

Nappa shares ten of Jesus’ stories, whether healing or parable, and asks readers to slow down to see God incarnate and how we can encounter him today. Nappa’s background in pastoring make the book an enjoyable read. It read similarly to a very engaging sermon because of the narrative style of both the historical gospel stories as well as the modern day examples that bring it all together.

While God in Slow Motion is a good book, I see it more as a library pick-up than a must have on your book shelf. As per usual, I am giving this book away. I want you to grow in your love and faith for God, Jesus, and his Spirit. I think this book will be a good tool to aiding your discipleship journey. Enter below to win. Two ways. Get to it!

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