Book Review: Clean by Douglas Weiss

Clean or Unclean. When it comes to biblical Christian standards for sexual morality you can only be on one side of the fence. There is no gray area. No toeing the line. When it comes to sexual integrity “bleachy white” or “covered in mud” are your only options.

Clean: A Proven Plan for Men committed to Sexual Integrity by Douglas Weiss, PhD. is a guide for those men and women who want to walk freely, clearly, and cleanly in the redemption provided by Christ through honesty, accountability, and utter dependence on the blood of the Savior of the world. Weiss’ hope is that every follower of Jesus could be called “Clean” and help others find freedom from sexual addiction.

While Clean is a decent read for those wanting to either begin walking a pure sexual life or a refresher course on the subject it does not say anything new, or especially revelatory regarding the subject. Weiss provides a substantial groundwork for the current situation in the church on sexual addiction showing how deep the problem has rooted itself in the men and women who attend and serve the church. The problem is not only in the lives of the congregation but also the leadership. It is fair enough to say that there is a giant elephant in the room, and we all know it’s there. The question herein proposed is, “What will we do about it?”


I’m an addict. I have been since I was 13 years old and was first exposed to Playboy. Carmen Electra was the pinup model. They say in Alcoholics Anonymous that once you’re an addict you’re always an addict. I can vouch to this truth. The number of times my addiction to pornography has caused friends and family to weep exceeds the number of fingers on my hands. My addiction would come and go like the ebb and flow of the tides. Here today gone tomorrow. I wasn’t caught every time, but I was always, eventually, caught. It wasn’t until I applied many of the same techniques Weiss encourages that I began to become “Clean.”

Here are a few bits of advice Weiss has for those wanting to walk the road of the “Clean”…

  1. Wear a rubberband on your wrist. When temptation comes snap it.
  2. Call your Pastor and Wife to ask permission to sin before engaging in sexual sin. (That ought to stop you dead in your tracks!)
  3. Have an accountability partner, who has your complete trust, to stay honest and truthful with about your victories and losses.
  4. Get internet safety software that will protect you from temptation on the internet.

The truth about sexual sin is this, you either believe that you can sexually or not. If so then you, and you alone, are responsible for the choice to be clean. I will leave you with one of my former pastor’s great maxims regarding choice, he said, “Blamers and complainers are not overcomers.”

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