Book Review: Bad Dads of the Bible // Roland Warren

How ironic is it that the Bible is full of tales of faith, righteousness, justice, the gift of salvation and at the same time riddled with people who lie, cheat, have adulterous hearts and hands, murder, betray, and cut people’s ears off? Very ironic is the answer.

While the bible does have the answer to man’s question of purpose and meaning on earth it also connects to the world audience in that every person has the same character issues as the lead actors of antiquity. Roland C. Warren has a holy discontent with the problem of bad dads in America. Instead of attacking men, however, he points out that bad dads have always existed and are still made righteous by God. There isn’t an ounce of condemnation inĀ Bad Dads of the Bible because Warren wants to restore dads to their place in the home as protectors and providers of the needs of their wives and children.

As a dad to a 16 month old daughter and a son due in May I am always looking for ways to love and care for my family more. I was greatly encouraged by Warren’s book to keep pressing into cherishing them. David stole a man’s wife, got her pregnant, then sent her husband to the front line of battle to ensure he died to cover up his sin. I have issues with my tongue and anger. Both of us repent and suffer consequences for our failures and are redeemed by God. David was called a man after God’s own heart. I am declared righteous by faith. Pretty amazing that two broken people, two bad dads, can be transformed into something greater than we could do on our own.

You’ll find the eight stories of bad dads a blessing to your job as a dad. No lesson is more valuable than that learned by others failures. No sense in repeating the past. Warren calls all dads to embrace the future and make something great of what’s to come!

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