Book Review: The Art of Storytelling // John Walsh

A campfire, a coffee shop, and a porch.

These three have one unique thing in common. All are places that stories are told. Whether recounting the news, a weathered fishing tale, a bible story, or your family history; the art of story telling is a talent that must be practiced.

John Walsh repackaged his decade old book The Art of Story Telling with fourteen steps to transformed from knee-knocking nervous public speaker to riveting entertaining story-teller. Walsh not only presents ways that every person can improve in their story telling by sharing his journey, but also encourages pastors to get in on the story telling method of sharing the bible with the world.

What I found most practical about The Art of Story Telling was the step by step method of improving my ability present stories. Walsh starts at step 1 and walks it out with great stories of his experiences then gently nudges the reader to practice each step. In this way the reader begins with the basics and moves progressively into new stages of story telling.

As a pastor in training this is a book that will remain next to my nightstand as I know that I will rely on it to present the bible in the most engaging way possible for my congregation. It will be a tool that I can use to equip young pastors to  share Jesus with future generations. Thanks John for the great book!

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