An Open Letter to Donald Miller and John Piper…

There have been far too many attacks between Christians on Twitter recently and it continues to spread like a bad rash. The cause: John Piper tweeting Job 1:19 – 20 after an F4 tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma destroying homes, schools, and a hospital in it’s 14 mile long trail of disaster.

John Piper tends to tweet, preach, or blog of how this is God’s plan for the world every time a tragedy strikes the world. It’s what he does. It’s not right. Theological explanations for “hell on earth” are not necessary the day, or even week, of the suffering.

But that’s not what bugs me. John Piper is an old school conservative reformed teacher. He is doing what makes sense to him regardless of how other people feel. (Note: He did pull his previous tweets, and his ministry has apologized for the remarks.)

What irks me is that people I really like (Donald Miller and Michael Gungor) are leading a charge against John Piper. Stating that he needs to apologize…as if that will fix the situation.

You know what would fix the situation? If Donald Miller posted something like this on twitter, “For every insensitive tweet @johnpiper posts about God’s judgement for a world disaster I will donate $(insert large sum of money) to the recovery of that group of people.”

Our tweeting is not helping the people in Oklahoma. Our arguments about how God is one way or another doesn’t bring dead children back to their grieving parents. Every blog post, this one included, has not made one slight difference to the hundreds of families displaced right now.

Here is a link to my favorite charity. Convoy of Hope is on the ground in Moore, OK doing actual work right now. I am going to donate $100 to Convoy’s work in Moore and for every comment I receive on this post I will donate another $1, up to another $100.

The ball is in your court Twitter-verse. You can keep fighting about this or you can do something about it.


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  1. Benjamin says:


  2. Deborah says:

    A voice of reason & inspiration in the midst of the chaos!

  3. Ross says:

    Thank you for this word. You have inspred me to donate $100 to Convoy right now.

  4. Gregg Hampton says:

    Good word.

  5. Sam says:

    The best and worst ideal is “the power of one”. One man’s comments can create a firestorm of misrepresenting a lot of people’s beliefs and one man’s comments can increase the donation to a worthy cause. Keep it up Justin!

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