The Management Methods of Jesus // Bob Briner

The Management Methods of Jesus, by Bob Briner, takes the life, words and deeds of Jesus and applies them to the world of business. Briner uses the life of Jesus in the gospels to show how the world of business would benefit from his example. Each section is short enough to read as a daily inspiration for anyone in the modern business place.

I was not very impressed this book at first. However after finishing it, I found that TMMJ is a decent book for anyone in the business world. I found that many of the sections seemed elementary in their theological topics, but that is exactly what Briner is aiming for. The gospel, at it’s core, is a very basic concept. Man is sinful, God is holy, Jesus came to restore mankind. It was when I began to read from this perspective that I found this book helpful.

The Management Methods of Jesus was a good quick read. I think that anyone who has a hard time finding things to read because of their work schedule would benefit from Briner’s writing. If you’re looking for a good gift for that business person in your life go grab The Management Methods of Jesus.

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